Operational Control Operational Control (OC) is the industry’s first web-based airline operations management software tailored to regional airlines. OC focuses on optimizing the productivity and efficiency of your airline’s operations, in addition to managing your daily flight operations.

The OC solution

OC manages all operations functions of an airline to optimize efficiency, ensure safety and maintain high-quality standards.
screenshot of Operational Control software

Features of OC

Operational Management

  • Commercial flight planning
  • Flight scheduling,
    management & tracking
  • Maintenance planning
  • Crew management training
    (Crew training compliance)

Crew Resource Management

  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Crew website
  • Mobile app


Customizable reports and dashboards

Electronic Flight Bag

(Electronic Flight Bag)

Flight Tracker

Journey Log Manager

Reservations, accounting & charter integrations

Benefits of OC

  • Secure web-based application
  • Module based for a custom-tailored solution based on operational needs
  • Quick real-time data
  • Hosted on or off premise
  • Efficient schedule building and reporting to measure your crew efficiency
  • Provides management with increased tracking of crew, aircraft, operations, administrative and travel costs
  • Minimizes manual data input

Custom Solutions

In addition to providing off-the-shelf solutions, Vmo also offers custom software and application development. Please contact us for more details.