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Maximizing the Flight Operations Department Effectiveness with Technology

Data Sources October 18, 2018 / Latest News

The following was written using excerpts from a presentation given by Vmo Solutions’ CEO Kris Hanus and VP, Operations Chris Chambers at ATAC 2017.

There are many high-level business benefits of utilizing advanced technology solutions in flight operations. Flight operations has the opportunity to deliver efficiency bonuses to the business through the wealth of information it generates. However, if you have worked in the aviation industry for any length of time you’ve likely identified some common trends in flight operations departments:

  1. They often lag behind other business units with respect to technology.
  2. They are reactive rather than proactive from a technology perspective.
  3. This limits the value that flight operations can provide to the rest of the business. This is because it makes it can be prohibitive to analyze causes or solutions to problems.
  4. Ultimately, people in flight operations know what information is needed, want to be able to use it, but just don’t have the necessary tools to do it.
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