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Maximum Operating Efficiency

Web-based flight planning and operational software for regional airlines.

Software solutions to optimize your flight planning, aircraft and crew resources.
Designed by industry experts to fit your budget.
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Software Suite


Safer, faster, more accurate flight planning for airlines. Build and file flight plans while meeting safety standards and regulatory compliance. FP maximizes your crew and dispatch resources, while increasing employee satisfaction and morale.

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Optimizing your aircraft and crew resource. Allowing you to learn from yesterday, manage today and plan for tomorrow.

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Flight Plan maximizes your crew and dispatch resources, while increasing employee satisfaction and morale.


  • Web-based
  • User friendly interface
  • Electronic filing of FPLs
  • Easy output integration into existing technologies and workflows (EFB, email, fax, printers)
  • Unlimited planning and filing
  • API – connect FP with OC or your current operational control software
  • Adaptable flight plan formats
  • Customized weather package generation
  • Transition tools for seamless adoption
  • 24-hour support


  • Reduce operating costs – lower fuel costs and shorten flight times
  • Increase flight performance
  • Build higher quality, more accurate flight plans
  • Modernize and streamline your flight plan format
  • Intuitive flight planning process
  • Dispatch more flights in less time
  • Regulatory compliance: meet specific commercial regulations required by your governing body

The OC Solution

OC manages all operations functions of an airline to optimize efficiency, ensure safety and maintain high-quality standards.


  • Commercial flight planning
  • Flight scheduling,
    management & tracking
  • Maintenance planning
  • Crew management training
    (Crew training compliance)


  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Crew website
  • Mobile app

Reservations, accounting & charter integrations

Custom Reports
and Dashboards

Journey Log


screenshot of Operational Control software


  • Secure web-based application
  • Module based for a custom-tailored solution based on operational needs
  • Quick real-time data
  • Hosted on or off premise
  • Efficient schedule building and reporting to measure your crew efficiency
  • Provides management with increased tracking of crew, aircraft, operations, administrative and travel costs
  • Minimizes manual data input

About Vmo

Vmo Solutions is a software development company specializing in IT products for the aviation services industry. Vmo creates multi-platform applications for common aviation operations, including flight planning and operational control software tailored to the needs of regional airlines. Vmo currently offers two products including OC, software to manage all aspects of the flight operations of an airline, from dispatching aircraft to managing crew schedules. As well as, FP, flight planning software to give airlines the ability to easily create and file efficient flight plans.

With proven technical and aviation experience, Vmo strives to increase productivity and efficiency for airlines through technical solutions.

Vmo Solutions

Our Story

Kris Hanus founded Vmo Solutions after becoming increasingly frustrated by the operational inefficiencies he witnessed within the aviation industry. As a commercial pilot with a strong business acumen, Hanus saw an opportunity to optimize operations through the use of technology. After investigating the current solutions available on the market, he noticed a disconnect between available products and the needs of regional airlines. Many of the existing products offered bells and whistles a regional airline would never use, but still charged for them – making software solutions prohibitive to smaller companies.

It was at this time that Hanus combined his aviation industry experience and knowledge with his technology background to start Vmo Solutions - a software development company specializing in IT solutions for the aviation industry. Today, Hanus and the Vmo team continue to create multi-platform applications for common aviation operations. Vmo is proud to offer FP and OC - modern, web-based flight planning and operational control software tailored for regional airlines.

What does Vmo stand for? Vmo is an acronym widely used in aviation to designate the maximum certified operating speed for an aircraft. Literally, it stands for Velocity, Maximum Operating.

Why Vmo?

So are we! We’re your partner. No matter what size of operation you have, Vmo will come in and make it work for you. OC's modular platform offers you a customized solution, to suit small, medium or large operations.

OCs modular format allows you to tailor your software solution to your needs. There’s no reason why you should be paying for components you don’t have a need for. Choose OC today and get a total solution to meet your budget.


As much as we are a technology-based solution, we are even more so an aviation-needs driven solution. Vmo developed OC with the needs of an airline in mind – developing solutions based on how the operations team and crew would optimally utilize the technology. We’re not a group of tech people developing aviation software solutions, we’re aviation-technology people! We speak your language.

Vmo's Commitment

  • Customer satisfaction We offer options and suggestions, but at the end of the day, it’s your airline; we build software, you run airlines
  • Software integration We will integrate existing systems or develop new bolt on components; or will allow for in-house integration with our support of the necessary API and documentation included with license
  • Modern technology We leverage newer software frameworks allowing for rapid application development – we can focus on the business solution rather than the technical problem
  • Constantly evolving Our software is in constant development, evolving to the needs of your airline and the industry
  • Nothing is impossible Many software companies quickly discount something as unachievable, when they in reality they simply aren’t interested in meeting your needs; we’ll never tell you (within reason) that something isn’t possible
  • We’ve been customers too We understand how restrictions, small or large affect your business

Custom Solutions

In addition to the software suite we have developed, Vmo also offers custom software and application development. Please contact us for details.

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